Leigh is GREAT and I would recommend her to any new parents or anyone doing this for the 10th time. My girlfriend Lindsey and I are first time parents and it would be an understatement to say that Leigh was an instrumental resource and pillar of support for us before, during and even after our son Aiden was born. A few weeks before our due date, Leigh dropped by our house for a comprehensive session on what to expect from a doula in general and how she approaches the job. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge, organization and structure. It was also quickly apparent that Leigh has a very personal and caring touch. We were impressed with Leigh's knowledge about the labor process, the hospital and the interactions we would have there, what to expect after, and on top of all of this, resources we could leverage in our neighborhood as well as online resources we could check out to facilitate life as new parents. 


For me, especially being male counterpart in all of this, Leigh's greatest value came during delivery day... completely unknown and scary territory for me. We phoned Leigh around 6am when Lindsey's water broke- Leigh responded immediately and was at the hospital to meet us before we even made it! During delivery, Leigh worked overtime helping Lindsey feel comfortable, recommending and performing everything from massage techniques, applying cold towels and even enhanced the room with some music and dim lighting.

After Aiden was born, Leigh stopped by our house again for a follow up and hang out session which was very nice.Even through Leigh has finished her "doula" duties, we'll be meeting up with her and her little one sometime soon to hang out!

Adam - Father to baby boy



Leigh was an invaluable support and resource during my late pregnancy, labor, delivery, and even postpartum. She went above and beyond in every way imaginable. As first time parents, my husband and I had a lot of questions about the labor and delivery process and about navigating medical and hospital systems. During our prenatal visit Leigh helped us make a birth plan that clarified many of our questions and concerns. She followed up by sending us several resources to help us become more informed about difficult decisions we had to make, like whether or not to circumcize. In all of this, Leigh presented us with incredibly useful information so that we could make the right decision for us. We never felt pressure or judgment from Leigh, just her genuine interest in helping us make decisions that made us feel comfortable and confident. 


From the time we decided to work together, Leigh stayed in regular contact, keeping track of my progress and news from my OB visits and also sending lots of messages of support and encouragement. She knew that I wanted to avoid an induction, so as it got closer to my due date (and my due date eventually passed), she sent me regular messages with recommendations for different activities to get my body ready for labor. Having her support through this time was a tremendous help!


We cannot imagine what labor would have been like without Leigh there. Her presence was incredibly calming and reassuring. She helped us with comfort and relaxation techniques, staying nourished, and communicating with hospital staff. She also helped us talk out some medical decisions we had to make, like whether or not to have the doctor break my water to help labor progress, and again she helped us consider all sides of this decision without pressuring us or attempting to point us in any particular direction. Her enthusiasm and stamina through several hours of labor were wonderful, and she was a really essential part of bringing our son into this world. 


Finally, during our postpartum visit Leigh helped us with a myriad of things - questions about newborn care, healing my body after birth, getting our apartment in order. And she continued to have ideas about additional resources that would be helpful to us moving forward. All in all, Leigh offers unending support, a broad and extremely helpful knowledge base, an incredible drive to find answers or resources to help answer questions, and a warmth and confidence that is extremely reassuring and soothing even in moments of considerable stress. Her presence throughout this process helped to make it not only a special and meaningful experience for us but one that we could enjoy and really cherish. 

Melissa - Mother to baby boy


I gave. birth to my first baby about five weeks ago so I have had some time to reflect on how grateful I am to have had Leigh as my doula. She has been a constant support from the first time we spoke on the phone. She is always available with advice and words of encouragement througout the amazing and at times trying experience of pregnancy, labor, and having a new born. 

My partner and I would recommend Leigh to anyone considering having a doula for their birth experience. She is full of knowledge, resources, and encouraging words to make the experience so much easier. During our first meeting we discussed different expectations that my partner and I had for the labor and she had advice for us on what we could do to make it go as close to our plan as possible. We were both so nervous and Leigh really walked us through what we could reasonably expect with her patience and complete confidence. Exactly what we needed to prepare ourselves!

During the labor Leigh was so strong and gentle and supportive. I knew I had a great, knowledgeable support person in the room with us and that took so much pressure off of me and my partner. She had music, lighting, scented oils, and so many techniques to help with labor pains and advice on how to make me more comfortable. She was strong for me when I needed it and gentle when I wanted comfort! 

Leigh has continued to be there for us since the birth of our little boy. She has helped me find other support from other mothers through groups online and play groups to meet other parents. These are things I wouldn't have been able to find on my own and her vast resources through her doula group are invaluable. I consider Leigh a friend and I can't express enough how much she has meant to us in the birth of our son.

Lindsey - Mother to baby boy

I am a simple, southern mama, who was transplanted in New York City 10 years ago. I am passionate about supporting women during one of the biggest moments of their life.

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